Grand Space at Kohuwala, Colombo – Sri Lanka

About the project

Architectural Design

Grand Space is a contemporary multi-faceted rental agency. It was created as an alternative to traditional office spaces polluted with visual noise and bright decorations. The owner of Grand Space had a dream about a place and he also wanted to create a space of modern and unique. The main color of the entire place is light grey, the main materials are cold-concrete, glass, and metal. An interior that could be called ‘ascetic’ suggests none of the unnecessary distractions and helps to stay focused. This place is separated from the corridor with a cube made of matt glass, it brings light in the darkroom, this light reflects in the mirrors, playing with the dimensions.

Project Details
Size 2500 sq.ft.
Location Kohuwala-Sri Lanka
Project start March 2017
Project finish June 2017
Value 15Million