Mr.Ashen’s Ice Cream and Burger Shop at Gampola – Sri Lanka

About the project

Architectural Design

The fantastical ‘Ice Cream and Burger Shop’ in Gampola, Kandy was designed to bring to mind the world of Railways. Since it is located close to the Gampola Railway Station, our team of architects used a railway related concept to develop the project. It‘s incorporates a theme based on sleepers and a color scheme to suit it. Brown and dark mixed woody type walls, spirals, and lights built by our designers resemble the railway world from an enchanted modern ice cream shop. Ice Cream and Burger Shop-one that actually helps serve up orders and as well as the calmness of client’s mind.

Project Details
Size 650 sqft
Location Gampola-Sri Lanka
Project start February 2020
Project finish On going
Value 1Million