Mr. Gayan’s House at Ambatenna – Sri Lanka

About the project

Architectural Design

Our most recent housing project seek a townhouse that preserves quality of both urban spaces and private dwelling, while giving back the city a pleasant environment. The project groups the more intimate areas of house’s units on order to avoid unwanted disturbances from the neighbors. The ground floor is purposefully raised to redefine the urban public-private edge, and at the same time to visually connect the garden of the lower unit with the parks. The upper unit’s public areas are arranged on which enjoys the surrounding beautiful mountainous scenery into the house. This arrangement also connects all the public areas of units together and provides a fluent life. KandyArchitect

Project Details
Size 2700 sqft
Location Ambatenna -Sri Lanka
Project start September 2020
Project finish January 2021 
Value 15Million