Mr. Ruwan’s House at katugastota

About the project

House Construction

Many houses have recently been built along the semi-urban area between Katugastota and the City of Kandy. It reflects people’s desire to break away from the city center. However, most designs either blindly following perceived trends or are excessively commercial. It leads architects to feel obliged to revert to earlier fads. Mr. Ruwan’s House is a housing project located in Katugastota, Kandy.

Project Details
Area 2500sqft
LocationKatugastota-Sri Lanka
Duraton 14 Months
Budget 10 Million
Mr. Ruwan’s House
Mr. Ruwan’s House Katugastotoa
Mr. Ruwan’s House is a housing project
House Contraction
Mr. Ruwan’s House construction
House Construction company in sri lanka
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Ruwan’s House Royalkandyan