Mrs. Chathu’s House at Aththanagalla – Sri Lanka

About the project

Architectural Design

It is an intervention project of a detached house. This house is located in a residential area that is filled with similar types of houses. This house has two floors: the ground and first floor. Besides the rooms for living, two spaces for office and artistic creations are also placed in it. The intention to recreate this house is to isolate it from the other ones and help the owners to generate stability and liberty for their mental world. In this project, the material application of wood and metal also contributes to creating the relationship between architecture and nature truthfully. At the same time, the high unity between architectural functionality and comfortableness is also the design pursuit in this project.

Project Details
Size 3000 sqft
Location Aththanagalla -Sri Lanka
Project start January 2020
Project finish December 2020
Value 15Million
construction company