The Ice Cream Cafe at Rathnapura, Kandy- Sri Lanka

About the project

Architectural Design

The project has been influenced by modern, neutral and industrial details. The neutrality is given by the balance of its materials and its shades of brown. All its materials have been used in a bitonal balance of black and white, except for details in the woods and the granite floor. From the beginning, we understood that the brand is, as its name indicates, a place whose identity is marked by the nature of its simple materials, its fresh and natural products as well. From this reflection, we have suggested implementing a nature of alive presence and prominent avoiding to fall in the use of static nature. This nature is form and function in all its interventions, they work as a light system and as an active landscape.

Project Details
Size 600 sqft.
Location Rathnapura-Sri Lanka
Project start 2019 June
Project finish 2019 august
Value 1.5 Million